Friday, March 30, 2012

Artshow Sneak Peak!

This is Daniel.  I feel so lucky to be partners with this person through the joys and sorrows of living. 
 He also happens to be an amazing artist with an amazing story.  Three years ago he was alone in his basement fixing his bike when a sudden sharp pain erupted in his head.  After stumbling up the stairs he eventually ended up on the floor of the kitchen.  Knowing that something was terribly wrong, he called for help on his cell phone.  This is when he realized his speech was gone.  Sounds came out of his mouth that made no sense.  He couldn't move the right side of his body at all.  

He was whisked off to the hospital, and then came surgery, rehab, therapy, therapy, and more therapy.  Learning to speak again was difficult, but he did it.  He also gained back some use of his right arm and leg, but that pesky right hand remains paralyzed.  Through Daniel's recovery process he trained his left hand to draw and paint.  It was shaky in the beginning as his brain was adapting.  

Below are three out of the thirty works that will be in his upcoming show in May.  This set honors the late Stoney, a tattoo artist who began his career in 1929 in the circus and continued until he died in 1980.  He had some disabilities of his own that he learned to work with.  Daniel admires this man a great deal.  The pieces are titled: Stoney 1, Stoney 2, and Stoney 3.   
There are four other sets of three related pieces like these that will be part of the show.  They each include a line drawing, a print of that line drawing with color and pattern, and a print of an abstract representation of the subject.  So amazing!  
May 4th, 7-9 PM is the opening night at Street Bean Espresso in Seattle.  The artwork will be up for the entire month of May.  Stop by and take a look if you'd like to see more!